Friday, September 12, 2014

Thrifting photo dump

One thing we didn't get a chance to do all summer with the new baby was to hit up any flea markets. I miss them! Hopefully by next year violet will be old enough to start coming with us on some junkin adventures. To make up for it, I have been doing a lot of thrifting when I can get a few hours to myself. It's my favorite "me" time and way to de-stress. Sometimes josh will come home after a long work day where I was cooped up at home and tell me, "I got this, go out thrifting." You better believe I'm halfway out the door!

My "new kinda kick" has been finding cool stuff for the little one; I never used to pay attention to kids stuff before! I have been putting a lot of effort into building her a neat library (including a lot of my old favorites), as well as upholding her reputation as "best dressed baby.":) I gotta admit, I have a ridiculous amount of fun dressing my baby girl!

I should have been taking more photos all along from some of my favorite finds, but here are a few I had on my phone. 

The day we found out we would be having a girl (the day before Halloween! Almost a year ago already!), we stopped at a thrift store where I found this adorable vintage outfit:

It started an obsession that lay dormant for a long time, as I had kinda lost faith in finding anything good at thrift stores in recent years. When I started going again I usually had good luck finding things for the baby, even when I couldn't find anything for myself.

Here are a few of my favorite thrifted outfits!

           I love me some smiling fruit!
  The only thing cuter than smiling fruit is baby animals! Wish I had a hedgehog shirt
        Vintage berry shirt? Yes, please!
       Best pajamas ever, hands down!
                Guilty as charged :)

The first big haul I was excited about had stuff for violet AND me:

Not only did I get her some cool books for her collection (including a "read along" book and record set of disney's haunted mansion with really neat illustrations), I also found cute clothes including the whale pajamas in the photo. Not sure when this cartoon whale obsession of mine started, but I dig it! I always get violet all the children's books I can find about wiener dogs, and I end up getting her a lot of cool Halloween/spooky stuff as well. She will probably grow up being the girl who reads about haunted houses instead of fairy princesses (just like mama!), and that's a-ok with me! I might have to do a post about her book collection sometime, cuz it's shaping up nicely. I found some records for myself, including elvis and a Beatles one I actually didn't have yet. The 45s were buddy holly and Etta James. Yes, please!

I found this adorable vintage Asian shirt that won't for her for a while still. Aren't the embroidered graphics great?

I found a bunch of Halloween stuff recently, which made my day! (The shirt is for her)

I was pretty excited about this latest trip, where I found some Halloween pants for her, a ridiculous King Kong spoof book with cat photos, and an eddie Munster onesie that is from the officially licensed munsters line! It won't fit her quite yet but it was one of my best finds for her.

I found some books for myself on the same trip...Can't. Stop. Buying. Books. Spooky stuff and kitschy roadtrip attractions, what could be better?!

Hoping to get back out there and find some more treasures soon! Have you found anything cool lately at the thrift store?

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